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#11 Piazza San Marco

"Piazza San Marco" provides an exclusive perspective of the famed St. Mark's Square in Venice, partially revealing the iconic Campanile and framed by a window of the recently restored "Procuratie Vecchie" palace by Generali Insurance. As a part of the "Vista dalla Finestra" collection, "Piazza San Marco" is not just a photograph - it's a gateway to the pulsating heart of Venice, the city of waterways. This NFT offers a slice of Venetian life, a blend of timeless architecture and bustling public life, a moment frozen in the city's lifeblood. With "Piazza San Marco," you own a snapshot of Venice's soul, where the lines between the past and the present blur. Step into the vibrant rhythm of the city's most iconic square with "Piazza San Marco."

#11 Piazza San Marco

€ 99,00Price
  • Please submit your Ethereum address during checkout in the notes field. After purchase the NFT will be transferred to your digital wallet. If you don't have a wallet yet, the digital art will be sent per mail first – and can later be transferred to your wallet.

  • If you prefer purchasing your NFT with your Ethereum wallet, you can find the artwork here on Opensea.

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