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Christian Wermke | Wermke.eth


Since 2002

Christian Wermke is a seasoned journalist, educator, and award-winning writer. Serving as a correspondent for Germany's biggest financial daily Handelsblatt in Italy since 2020, Christian has made significant contributions in various editorial roles since joining the company in 2012, including building the first app newspaper. A graduate of the Deutsche Journalistenschule and with degrees in Political Science and Journalism, his career spans freelance journalism for renowned outlets to teaching at his alma mater. Alongside Christian frequently moderates events and nurtures the next generation of journalists.


Since March 2022

Beginning with an article in his newspaper about creating and selling Non-Fungible Tokens Christian has delved into the world of NFTs and Web3, utilizing the technology to transform his photographic art into unique digital collectibles. With VistaVagabond he embarks on a creative journey, seamlessly fusing his interests in photography, travel, and the digital arts.



Since May 2022

Since March 2022

In a couple of months Christian has built a community around the Handelsblatt Cover NFTs. As a community manager he oversees the growing number of holders, fostering a strong and vibrant community around these unique digital collectibles, that grant benefits like raffles for tickets of big Handelsblatt conferences.

Christian has emerged as an enthusiastic collector in the thriving NFT space. His eclectic portfolio includes notable collections like Moonbirds, 9dcc, Coolcats, The Otherside and the Metabrew Society. His deep involvement reflects not only his appreciation for digital art but also his understanding of the potential of blockchain technology in reshaping art, ownership and community building in the digital age.

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