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#10 Forte Corbin

"Forte Cobin" captures a sweeping vista of the verdant Astico valley in Veneto, framed by the stony window of Forte Corbin, a World War I fortress now operating as an open-air museum. As part of the "Vista dalla Finestra" collection, "Forte Cobin" is not just a photograph - it's a glimpse into the past, showcasing nature's resilience against the backdrop of human history. This NFT offers a piece of Veneto's vibrant beauty, a contrast between the lush valley and the fortress's stern structure, a testament to the endurance of both nature and human ingenuity. With "Forte Cobin," you own a snapshot of Italy's history - a moment of serene beauty framed by the echoes of the past. Experience the lingering tales of a bygone era with "Forte Cobin."

#10 Forte Corbin

€ 99,00Price
  • Please submit your Ethereum address during checkout in the notes field. After purchase the NFT will be transferred to your digital wallet. If you don't have a wallet yet, the digital art will be sent per mail first – and can later be transferred to your wallet.

  • If you prefer purchasing your NFT with your Ethereum wallet, you can find the artwork here on Opensea.

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