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Handelsblatt Cover


NFT community


April 2022





Raffles for Handelsblatt conferences

Genesis Collection

Every holder is part of the exclusive Handelsblatt NFT club and will have the possibility to participate in quarterly ticket raffles for Handelsblatt conferences and events. Every holder is also invited to the yearly "Correspondent's Evening" (Korrespondentenabend) in Duesseldorf following a special NFT dinner together with the editors.

"Handelsblatt" is the biggest financial daily in Germany. The first issue was published on May 16th 1946. To celebrate this birthday the first NFTs were released at a "birthday price" for 0,046 Ether in 2022. Since January 2023 the new price is 0,05 Ether (90 Euro when buying on VistaVagabond).

We are minting the two best weekend covers every month on Opensea. The supply will be two covers per month, maximum 24 NFTs per year. Half of the revenues and of every resale goes to the freelance illustrators, that create these great designs. If you want to know more details about single covers, just click on the images below. If you don't want to miss updates on the club and upcoming mints or drops, please subscribe to my mailing list.

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