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AI-talian Visions




June 2023




Welcome to "AI-talian Visions", a unique collection of digitally transformed Italian landscapes and scenes. Each piece in this collection began as an original photograph, taken by me in different parts of Italy. Using the sophisticated AI software Midjourney, these images have been reborn as enchanting, new works of art.

The techniques used for this transformation range from style adaption, inspired by the great masters like Van Gogh or Picasso, to the fusion of natural and urban imagery, creating an intricate dance between the rural and the urban. Other works are abstract distortions of the original pictures, creating a whimsical interpretation of reality.

With "AI-talian Visions", you are not just purchasing a piece of art. You are embracing a journey through Italy, reimagined through the lens of AI. This is not just a testament to the beauty of Italy, but also to the creative potential of AI when paired with human imagination.

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